WHAT IS IamGoal5?

IamGoal5 (I am Goal 5) is an initiative that has its foundation on Sustainable Development Goal 5, to achieve Gender Equality and empower all women and girls. The main objective of this initiative is to contribute to efforts in actualizing gender equality and making it a reality in all spheres of life — by shedding light on What is working towards the achievement of Gender Equality, by 2030 and beyond.

IamGoal5 will highlight the work done by Governments, organizations and Individuals in countries around the world, both at national and international level, in order to reduce the gaps between male and females in economic and political participation, education, health, sports and other spheres of life in order to end gender inequality by 2030.

In order to achieve #Planet5050 and have equal opportunities between men and women, countries must put in laws and policies that end gender-based stereotypes, harmful social norms and practices and recognizes the full participation of women even in areas that would be considered to be male dominated. 

IamGoal5 major focus areas will be on Gender Equality in the Peace Processes, the Extractive Industries, the Technology Sector, Science and Political Participation.