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"Women and Men should own the world as a mutual possession" - Pearl S. Buck

"Gender Equality is not only a women's issue, it is a human rights issue that requires my participation" - Emma Watson

The above two quotes are just some of the beliefs that I hold dearly to my heart and now I get to champion for them. I am Isabella Muthoni, a lawyer, an advocate for human rights, equality and dignity, a young feminist and a gender equality specialist. I have over four years’ experience supporting and implementing programs geared towards empowering women to claim their rights, advance women’s equal participation in socio-economic and political issues, get access to justice and live a life free from violence and discrimination in the East African Region. I am a graduate of the Kenya School of Law and I am very passionate about working to end violence and discrimination against women at home and in their places of work. I have a deep belief that everyone has an important role to play in their various capacities in eliminating barriers that hold back women and girls from achieving their full potential. 

I am the founder and author of this blog, I AM GOAL 5, a Gender Equality Blog focused on highlighting the work being done by Governments, Institutions and Individuals in ending gender inequality by 2030.  

I believe that it is possible to achieve gender equality, at least in this generation. I am a champion for Goal 5, hence #IamGoal5.